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Inflation sign

What Is Inflation?

What is Inflation? Inflation is the gradual increase in prices over time. Specifically, it refers to changes in the Consumer Price Index. Understanding how price changes rise over time can help individuals budget and plan for the future. Businesses need to understand it to remain profitable. Policy makers need to know it as well to …

tax-free municipal bond interest

Tax-Free Municipal Bonds

One of the easiest ways to increase your retirement income is to reduce your tax bill on that income. With tax-free municipal bonds you can reduce that tax bill to zero and enjoy tax-free retirement income. If you loan money to state and local governments by purchasing municipal bonds, the interest you receive is normally …

Checking the bond price calculator

Bond Price Calculator

To use this bond price calculator simply select the item that you would like to solve for and input the variables that you know. Below the calculator you’ll see instructions to solve for anything you can use a bond calculator for to include tax-free equivalent municipal bond yield. A few quick notes… Coupon A bond’s …

Retired couple relying on dividends for retirement income

What are the Risks of Relying on Dividends for Retirement Income?

What are the risks of relying on  dividends for retirement income? Like most things used in moderation there isn’t anything wrong with dividends, or the stocks that pay them.  In fact, higher-dividend paying stocks are usually older, established, and strong companies. They can be good components of retirement income plans and help provide some diversification …

The Hellhound of Wall Street Ferdinand Pecora

The Hellhound of Wall Street – How Ferdinand Pecora’s Investigation of the Great Crash Forever Changed American Finance

The Hellhound of Wall Street – How Ferdinand Pecora’s Investigation of the Great Crash Forever Changed American Finance provides a narrative of the Senate hearings that followed the Great Crash. It is an interesting story for it’s lively details of the personalities involved but also illustrates how far our perceptions of the financial elite have come. …

Adaptive Markets book

Adaptive Markets

Adaptive Markets – Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought by Andrew Lo is a deep dive into market theory. This book is not a surface-level read on retirement planning or investing. It provides insight into how markets operate and change over time. The takeaway from the book is enhanced understanding of market behavior. I …

Man Checking Asset Location

Asset Location is Important Too

That’s not a typo. Asset location is an often overlooked aspect of retirement planning. That is unfortunate because asset location can significantly affect the after-tax value of your retirement income. I’ll explain what asset location means and how you can use that information to increase your retirement income.

Bonds Chart

Bond Prices and Rising Interest Rates

Bonds are a common asset in retirement accounts. Whether held individually or through an ETF, most retirement accounts contain bonds. Bonds are most often held because of their relative safety over equities, and for income through their contractual obligations to pay interest. However, bonds still exhibit market risk that needs to be managed. Buying bonds …

socially responsible mutual funds performance chart

Do Socially Responsible Mutual Funds Perform Well?

An important consideration of any investment strategy is the ability of the strategy to provide satisfactory results. Sustainable or socially responsible mutual funds and investment strategies are not immune to this line of investigation. Arguably, most investors who choose SRI investing likely emphasize the altruistic traits of the investments themselves over investment performance. However, even …