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Is $600,000 Enough to Retire?

If you have $600,000 saved toward retirement can you retire? It may be possible. It really all depends on what is important to you in retirement and how much income you need for a comfortable retirement.

To figure out if $600,000, or any amount, is enough for you to retire on you’ll need to consider things like your withdrawal strategy, investments, taxes, and other sources of income.

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Should I Hold Company Stock in My 401k?

Should you hold your own employer’s stock in your 401K? The conventional answer, and my default response, is… no. However that is a topic that is worth some discussion.

While I wouldn’t encourage you to buy your employer’s stock in your 401k plan it doesn’t necessarily follow that you should immediately sell it if you already own it. This is especially true if you have held it for a long time and are VERY near retirement and getting ready to start taking distributions or roll it into an IRA.

The reality is, many people DO own stock in their own employer and you may be one of them. What are the pros and cons and why should you not necessarily sell employer stock that you currently own?

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Can I Contribute to a Roth IRA if My Income is Too High? – The Backdoor Roth IRA

Roth IRA’s are one of the best retirement saving tools. You can’t deduct contributions from your taxable income, but you get to withdrawal them, and the earnings, tax-free in retirement. Because of your contributions ability to grow exponentially over time, that can be a big benefit.

However, not everyone is able to contribute directly to a Roth IRA. In this article I’m going to explain how your contributions are limited, as well as a workaround called the Backdoor Roth IRA.

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What is the Yield Curve and What Does it Mean?

The yield curve is a popular economic indicator. It is a graph of the yield on bonds with different maturity terms, and often used to gauge the direction the economy is headed.

Although you can create a yield curve from the yield and maturity of any type of bond, “THE yield curve” usually assumes we are specifically referencing the Treasury yield curve. The Treasury yield curve plots the yield on debt issued by the U.S. Treasury.

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Will Working Longer Affect My Retirement?

Will working longer affect your retirement? Of course.

But how much longer and how big of an impact will it make? That question will lead you down a much more useful thought path.

There are many things that will affect how long you are in the workforce. Some of these things you can’t control (such as health), while others you can. When it comes to what you can control you would be smart to think about the impact of your decision on your retirement.

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