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Man Checking Asset Location

Asset Location is Important Too

That’s not a typo. Asset location is an often overlooked aspect of retirement planning. That is unfortunate because asset location can significantly affect the after-tax value of your retirement income. I’ll explain what asset location means and how you can use that information to increase your retirement income.

drinking latte thinking about long-term goals

Now or Later? Planning for Long-Term Goals

Have you thought about what you might be giving up by waiting to invest for long-term goals such as retirement? One of the greatest financial tools that young investors have is time. Time’s effect on long-term investment performance is much greater than financial savvy or a large income. So many younger would-be savers and investors …

Two Common Retirement Saving Pitfalls

In your twenties or thirties you know that you’ve got a number of years left in the workforce. How long do you want to work before traveling, learning to sail, or playing golf as a full-time job? How much would you like to save for retirement at age 50, 60, or 70? What would you do if you had the means to retire at 40? These are …

comparing IRA types

Traditional or Roth IRA?

So, you have decided to invest. Great. Presumably, you are investing for a purpose. Even better. If that purpose is for retirement you may have even spent time thinking about whether a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA is best. For 2017, Roth and Traditional IRA contribution limits both remain at $5,500. The key difference in …