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Brandon Renfro and Harry Markowitz

Meeting Harry Markowitz

Fair warning, this post is a departure from my normal articles on retirement planning. I had an opportunity to meet one of the founding fathers of modern finance, Harry Markowitz, in June of 2019 and I simply want to share the experience with you here. Harry Markowitz isn’t a household name, but the work he …

fund of funds newspaper

Fund of Funds Explained

A fund of funds is a collection of mutual funds bundled together. By combining different mutual funds into one package, the fund of funds purpose is to give you a single-choice investment solution. You’ll sometimes see a fund of funds abbreviated as FOF. This can simplify your investment process, but you need to understand how …

market risk premium chart

What is the Market Risk Premium?

The market risk premium is the return that you earn on stocks above what you could earn by investing in government bonds. For example, if the rate of return on the market is 15% when the rate on a government bond is 3%, the market risk premium is 12%. A more formal way of defining …

Man Checking Asset Location

Asset Location is Important Too

That’s not a typo. Asset location is an often overlooked aspect of retirement planning. That is unfortunate because asset location can significantly affect the after-tax value of your retirement income. I’ll explain what asset location means and how you can use that information to increase your retirement income.

drinking latte thinking about long-term goals

Now or Later? Planning for Long-Term Goals

Have you thought about what you might be giving up by waiting to invest for long-term goals such as retirement? One of the greatest financial tools that young investors have is time. Time’s effect on long-term investment performance is much greater than financial savvy or a large income. So many younger would-be savers and investors …